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Once again, we will have the super Speed Server event on MEGAMU, where completely isolated servers are provided for new players with high experience rates, unique drops, and an exclusive battle pass system with daily missions. All of this is to accelerate the early career of new players in the game.

  • Start: 2023-10-02 - 20:00
  • End: 2023-11-05 - 23:59
Experience on the speed servers will be unique, with a progressive bonus as the event progresses, allowing players to level up quickly, with a maximum Master Level of 1050 and 200 Resets.
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  • 2023-10-02 to 2023-10-15: 2x
  • 2023-10-16 to 2023-10-22: 4x
  • 2023-10-23 to 2023-10-29: 6x
  • 2023-10-30 to 2023-11-05: 8x
Drop Rate
Throughout the event, the speed servers will have a 3x general drop rate bonus, which includes all drops outside of events.

Experience Time and Career Progression
The experience time increment for our career system will have the same multiplier used for XP bonuses, ranging from 2x to 8x. This way, players won't be stuck and can enjoy the system as they progress.

The servers will also feature special MEGAMU events, some of them with special schedules, check out the list:
  • Zombie Attack: 12:45 AM(gmt-3) and 09:05 PM(gmt-3) every day
  • Survivor (All vs. All): 01:45 AM(gmt-3), 09:30 AM(gmt-3), 06:45 PM(gmt-3), 11:05 PM(gmt-3)
  • Castle Siege: 02:10 PM(gmt-3) and 12:10 AM(gmt-3)
  • Capture The Flag: 04:10 AM(gmt-3) and 09:45 PM(gmt-3)
2000 Top Prizes
The speed server event will reward the first players who reach the level limits, both in resets and master levels, check out the two categories below.

Race to Reset 200
The first 100 players of each class who reach 200 resets will receive a mega bonus in Hunting Points. The bonus amount will depend on the number of players in the class who have already claimed it, starting at 100k for the first and ending at 1k for the hundredth. But remember, as mentioned, the rewards are per class, so there will be 10 separate reward queues.

Race to Master Level 1050
Similar to the previous race, there will also be a race to reach Master Level 1050, where the first 100 players of each class to achieve this goal will receive a Ruud bonus. Similarly, the bonus amount will start at 100k for the first and end at 1k for the hundredth.

Claiming Rewards and Checking Status
To claim a reward and receive it, the player must access the speed server section on the website's panel, where the character's status is displayed, and the option to claim is given when the requirement is met. Through this panel, you can also view the remaining number of rewards for each class. In order for the maximum number of players to enjoy the rewards, both races will be restricted to one participation per account. This means that one character can participate in both races, but not through two characters on the same account.

Battle Pass
The speed servers will have an exclusive battle pass system, where a quest will be released every day for players with the Silver Pass and an extra quest for those with the Gold Pass.

The system will work as a career, meaning that to advance to the next quest, you need to complete the current one. Each quest will have an objective, which may involve hunting specific monsters or searching for items. Players with the Gold pass will have access to an additional career that is independent of the previous one and can be done simultaneously. Please note that careers are tied to the account, so all characters on one account share the same career, and creating a new character will not start a new one.

Quest Release
The first quest will be released on 03/10 and the last on 30/10, totaling 28 quests in each career. The release date of each quest does not mean that the player is required to complete it on that day, but rather that the player can advance to the released quest. Players who purchase or change passes during the event will start their career at the first quest and can complete all quests released until that date.

Status and Rewards
To start a quest or check the current one, simply type the /quest command. To deliver items and claim rewards, the player should talk to the NPC located in Atlans (16,13) or in Event Square (225,31), with the second option being for quests done on an event server.
[Imagem: 0F68vid.png]

Check out the rewards available in the Battle Pass:
[Imagem: DQNQh2q.png]

Access and Battle Pass Acquisition
Access to the speed server and passes will be available as bonuses in MCoins packages and restricted to accounts that meet the following requirements:[/font][/size][/color]
  • No characters;
  • No items in vaults;
  • No rewards to claim at the Noria NPC;
  • A maximum of 500 MCoins and 500 MPoints of credit;
The requirements must be met until the acquisition is completed, and the status can be monitored through the website panel.
Check out the available packages below:
[Imagem: xP6JE7n.png]
Check Status
Access status and pass statuses can be checked through the website panel. To do so, simply go to My Account > Speed Server. In this panel, you can also activate access if your account did not meet all the requirements upon acquisition.
[Imagem: 3WCqiXN.png]

With the event's conclusion, all accounts will be transferred to the main server and permanently join the MEGAMU community.

Requesting Early Transfer
Starting from 30/10, players can request an early transfer through the website panel. However, please note that after the transfer, the account will no longer have access to the speed servers.

Transferred Resources
In MEGAMU, in addition to having no transfer fee, all account resources will be transferred to the main server, including:
  • All characters;
  • All vaults;
  • Temporary items;
  • Vip days;
  • Prizes to claim;
  • Coins;
Check which actions participating players can and cannot perform during the event:
❌ Transfer items between accounts inside and outside the event (except for gifts via Shop X);
❌ Transfer credit between accounts inside and outside the event;
❌ Receive rewards from the website panel for accounts outside the event;
❌ Access servers outside the event;
✅ Communicate via posts with players outside the event;
✅ Use MPoints and bonus coupons in packages;
✅ Receive rewards in streamer events;
✅ Use website panel features such as Online Workshop, Item Quest, and Trade Log;

Capacity and Changes
Initially, the event will have 3 servers, with two for access and one global server for trading and events. Expansion is already planned as needed, and in such cases, servers outside the event may be shut down to allocate resources.
These and any other changes may occur before and during the event without prior notice.